Farm Tails

Cow & Chick

Chick: Hello, cow, where’s your tail?

Chick: My tail is orange.

Chick: I am a little chicken, I love to eat insects and millet. My voice jijiji.

Cow: It’s wiggling behind me, chick.

Cow: Hello, Chick! What color is your tail?

Cow: I am a cute cow. My milk is for children.

Cow: Lola the cow.

The Lola cow, the Lola cow,
She has a head and has a tail.
And she goes “moo.”

Pig & Lamp

Pig: Hello, lamp, where’s your tail?

Pig: My tail is very short and pink.

Pig: Walk humming(həm), love to sleep late, chubby(ˈCHəbē) body, eat the happiest.

Pig: Three little pigs