Aligned Solutions

Aligned(əˈlīn) Solutions

By Steve Pavlian

Aligning your life can be very challenging. By alignment(əˈlīnmənt) I’m referring(rəˈfər) to harmonious(härˈmōnēəs) interactions among your:

frames / perspectives
living situation

We all have misalignments to deal with in one or more areas(ˈerēə) of life. Are you actively engaged in correcting those misalignments to create greater harmony(ˈhärmənē)? Or do you let misalignments fester?

Misalignments have a tendency to multiply(ˈməltəˌplī). They’re like clutter. Once we start tolerating(ˈtäləˌrāt) a little bit, pretty soon we have a lot more to deal with. Letting this happen can make your life feel very burdensome(ˈbərdnsəm) after a while.

Fixing Misalignments

Sometimes I feel like the majority of my personal growth work (on the personal side, not the professional side) has been mainly(ˈmānlē) about correcting misalignments in my life. Notice what areas of life aren’t working for me, and really fix them. A big step here is to define what a genuine(ˈjenyo͞oən) fix looks like.

Choosing Alignment

To choose alignment it’s important to stop choosing misalignment. Stop going for the partial(ˈpärSHəl) match; don’t be so easily seduced(səˈd(y)o͞os) by it. Set your standards higher on the full match. Stop tolerating the sound of metal(ˈmedl) grinding(ˈɡrīndiNG) on metal as the gears(ɡir) of your life are turning. When you hear that grinding sound, learn to stop immediately, find the source of the problem, and do what it takes to fix it. Then flip the switch back on.