Magic Tree House Book 1: Dinosaurs Before Dark

Magic Tree House Book 1: Dinosaurs(ˈdīnəˌsôr) Before Dark

By Mary Pope Osborne

Into the Woods

“Help! A monster!” said Annie.

“Yeah, sure,” said Jack. “A real monster in Frog(frôɡ) Creek(krēk), Pennsylvania(ˌpensəlˈvānyə).”

“Run, Jack!” said Annie. She ran up the road. Oh, brother.

This is what he got for spending time with his seven-year-old sister.

Annie loved pretend(prəˈtend) stuff. But Jack was eight and a half. He liked real things.

“Watch out, Jack! The monster’s coming! Race(rās) you!”

“No, thanks,” said Jack.

Annie raced alone into the woods.

Jack looked at the sky. The sun was about to set.

“Come on, Annie! It’s time to go home!”

But Annie had disappeared.

Jack waited.

No Annie.

“Annie!” he shouted again.

“Jack! Jack! Come here!”

Jack groaned(ɡrōn). “This better be good,” he said.

Jack left the road and headed into the woods. The trees were lit with a golden late-afternoon light.

“Come here!” called Annie.

There she was. Standing under a tall oak(ōk) tree. “Look,” she said. She was pointing at a rope(rōp) ladder(ˈladər).

The longest rope ladder Jack had ever seen.

“Wow,” he whispered.

The ladder went all the way up to the top of the tree.

There—at the top—was a tree house. It was tucked(tək) between two branches.

“That must be the highest tree house in the world,” said Annie.

“Who built it?” asked Jack. “I’ve never seen it before.”

“I don’t know. But I’m going up,” said Annie.亚马逊网站&dchild=1&keywords=magic+tree+house&qid=1620716203&sr=8-1