My Wishes for You

My Wishes for You
by Adele Geras and Cliff Wright

I wish you

light from behind the hill
Spilling into the sky.

Kisses to wake you.

Warm sun on your face

A path that goes from here to everywhere.
Daydreams like birds
Unfolding wide white wings.

A kind gaze(ɡāz) following you as you walk.
A smile to smile at when you turn your head.

Trees wide enough for you to hide(hīd) behind and drifting shadows.
Pieces of the dark …

which vanish as the sun moves through the leaves.

Small pools to splash(splaSH) in when the rain comes down.
A dancing stream to follow with your dance.

Your own hands strong to pile(pīl) up stones you find into a tower high enough to climb.

And arms outstretched(ˌoutˈstreCHt) to catch you if you fall.

Someone to tell you words for everything.
Laughter to join your laughter. Songs to sing.

A quilt(kwilt) to cover you and all your dreams.

Warm in your bed safe through the quiet(ˈkwīət) night.

Darkness and moonlight.

Your star in the sky.