Career and Commitment

Career(kəˈrir) and Commitment

By Steve Pavlina

How committed are you to having a career you absolutely love?

Your level of commitment plays a key role in the process of creating a fulfilling career. When people are undercommitted to their careers, they tend to get lousy(ˈlouzē) results. When they get clear about what they want and commit themselves to creating it, however long it takes, they usually get there in some fashion.

Action reveals(rəˈvēl) commitment

How do you know how committed you are? You can tell by your actions… by what you consider important enough to carve(kärv) out time for.

For example, if your career seems to be in the dumps right now, but you somehow manage to keep up on all your favorite TV shows, what does that say about your level of commitment? Doesn’t it say you’re more committed to idle(ˈīdl) entertainment(ˌen(t)ərˈtānmənt) than to spending each day doing work you love? Procrastination is a tempting short-term choice, but in the long run, it will only keep you trapped. If a great career really matters to you, your actions will show it.

Incubation(ˌiNGkyəˈbāSH(ə)n) vs. delay(dəˈlā)

What about waiting for inspiration? Incubation time. There’s a big difference between actively seeking inspiration through activities such as introspection(ˌintrəˈspekSH(ə)n), journaling, meditation, and purposeful(ˈpərpəsfəl) reading vs. idle delay. As a rule of thumb(THəm), if you aren’t sure whether you’re incubating your greatness or just delaying, you’re delaying.