Unstuck: Create a New Path for Yourself

Unstuck(ˌənˈstək): Create a New Path for Yourself

By Leo Babauta

Sometimes it can feel like we’re stuck in life, doing the same things we’re unhappy with, over and over again.

Maybe you’ve been procrastinating on your meaningful work, or getting stuck in indecision(ˌindəˈsiZH(ə)n) or perfectionism(pərˈfekSHəˌnizəm). Maybe you’ve been putting off exercise or meditation, getting your finances(ˈfīnans) in good shape, or making some other important change in your life.

We get stuck.

I’m a living testament(ˈtestəmənt) to the truth that we can get unstuck.

In my life, I’ve been stuck many times — and it turns out there’s always a way through the stuckness. It’s not turning away from the stuckness, but turning towards it. Going through it. Embracing the stuckness, and letting it unstick(ˈənˌstik) itself.

I’m going to talk about a few principles of getting unstuck, and creating a new path for yourself. And then talk about recommendations for changing your habits this year, or getting good at doing your meaningful work.

Ways to Get Unstuck

There’s no one way to do this, but I’ve found some things are incredibly helpful:

Turn towards the difficulty. If you’ve been avoiding thinking about a difficult project, or your messy(ˈmesē) finances or messy clutter, or your exercise or diet or other health issues … not much will change until you turn towards it and face it. A willingness to turn towards the difficulty and work with it is one of the most important requirements to change.