By Jonah Hall

Be safe
Though not afraid
But do not stay
Inside forever

One day
At a time
We push forward
Until one day
Someone will look back
And see how far
We’ve all come

There are one thousand
Forms of protest
Each important
Though what
Becomes visible
Makes the news

In a window
On a lawn(lôn)
On a car
On a body
Through words
Through images
Through sound
We send messages
To the wider(wīd) world

Silence may
Bring internal(inˈtərnl) peace
But white silence
Enables violence

The most
Vital(ˈvīdl) message
Of possibility
Of awareness
The fight
Against numbness(ˈnəmnəs)
And distraction(dəˈstrakSH(ə)n)

Is now currency
Do not give
All of yours away.