By 王渊源John

Some people love mooncakes. Some people hate them. Me? It mostly depends on the flavor(ˈflāvər). I’m not a big fan of the ones with the stringy(ˈstriNGē) pork, but I love the ones with lotus(ˈlōdəs) paste(pāst) in the middle. I don’t like the egg yolk(yōk) that is usually in those, so I eat it first and then enjoy the lotus paste.

In recent years, there have been a lot of very creative mooncakes. Häagen Dazs, for instance, sells “ice cream mooncakes”, but they’re really more like “mooncake-shaped(SHāpt) ice cream”. I eat and enjoy these, but they don’t really give me that holiday feeling.

Each year when Mid-Autumn Festival comes around, I’m excited to eat some mooncakes. Then, after eating them for days and days following the festival, often for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I never want to see them again. By the next fall, though, I’m always ready for some more.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Enjoy the mooncakes! Enjoy the moon!