Go Plant a Tree

Go Plant(plant) a Tree

By Ella Wheeler Wilcox

God, what a joy it is to plant a tree,
And from the sallow(ˈsalō) earth to watch it rise(rīz),
Lifting its emerald(ˈem(ə)rəld) branches to the skies
In silent(ˈsīlənt) adoration(ˌadəˈrāSHən); and to see
Its strength(streNG(k)TH,strenTH) and glory(ˈglôrē) waxing(waks) with each spring.
Yes, ’tis(tiz) a goodly, and a gladsome(ˈgladsəm) thing
To plant a tree.

Nature has many marvels(ˈmärvəl); but a tree
Seems more than marvellous(ˈmärv(ə)ləs). It is divine(dəˈvīn).
So generous, so tender, so benign(bəˈnīn).
Not garrulous(ˈgar(y)ələs) like the rivers; and yet free
In pleasant(ˈplezənt) converse(ˈkänˌvərs) with the winds and birds;
Oh! privilege(ˈpriv(ə)lij) beyond explaining(ikˈsplān) words,
To plant a tree.

Rocks are majestic(məˈjestik); but, unlike a tree,
They stand aloof(əˈlo͞of), and silent. In the roar(rôr)
Of ocean billows(ˈbilō) breaking on the shore(SHôr)
There sounds the voice of turmoil(ˈtərˌmoil). But a tree
Speaks ever of companionship(kəmˈpanyənˌSHip) and rest.
Yea, of all righteous(ˈrīCHəs) acts, this, this is best,
To plant a tree.

There is an oak(ōk) (oh! how I love that tree)
Which has been thriving(THrīv) for a hundred years;
Each day I send my blessing(ˈblesiNG) through(THro͞o) the spheres(sfi(ə)r)
To one who gave this triple(ˈtripəl) boon(bo͞on) to me,
Of growing beauty, singing birds, and shade(SHād).
Wouldst(wo͝odst) thou(THou,T͟Hou) win laurels(ˈlär-,ˈlôrəl) that shall(SHal) never fade(fād)?
Go plant a tree.