the sense of wonder

the sense(sens) of wonder(ˈwəndər)

the tune(t(y)o͞on), over the dark

By Henry H. Walker

I am a teacher,
rather, I am more an educator(ˈejəˌkātər),

I love to learn,
I love to fan the flame(flām) of question, of inquiry(ˈinkwərē, inˈkwī(ə)rē),
the flame of the drive to know how the world works,
to fan that flame both in the other and in myself,

I have loved to quest(kwest) for the wild(wīld) whale((h)wāl),
to listen to the stories geology(jēˈäləjē) tells with rock,
to the stories the forest lives both above and below,
to feel the close bond with the wolf(wo͝olf) and the bear(be(ə)r),
to remember the strong bond with the flower,

I love to know how much we crave(krāv) wonder:
the most spiritual and needed of the senses,
the way our individuality(ˌindəˌvijo͞oˈalədē) feels and realizes
the glory(ˈglôrē) just outside that makes us feel better,
that makes us be better,

we then can know our place,
that it is less than being the center of the universe,
that it is more than our partiality(ˌpärSHēˈalədē),
and is of the same tune life,
and then consciousness,
sings into the dark.