feels empty

feels empty

defined by family

By Henry H. Walker

the house feels empty,
and I feel partial(ˈpärSHəl),
as if part of me has been cut off,

our sons, and their wives(wīvz),
are vital(ˈvīdl) to who I am,
and they are no longer here,
gone back to the immediacy(iˈmēdēəsē)
of their own workaday worlds,
of their own everyday worlds,
our grandchildren, also,
gone back to the immediacy of home,
of friends, of where on earth
they stake(stāk) the flag of their moments,

yet, just as in math, or language, or the spatial(ˈspāSHəl), or the heart,
there is an abstract(abˈstrakt, ˈabˌstrakt) reality below and behind the concrete present,

we are a family, bonded and knowing much of who we are
because we connect so surely to each other,

I cannot ever appreciate my wife enough,
for in the house, empty of children and grandchildren,
I still hold a treasure(ˈtreZHər), and she holds me,

I feel a miracle(ˈmirək(ə)l) of love where each of us
knows and appreciates the other,
which in turn allows us to appreciate
the worth of our own selves.