Memorial Circle, may the circle be unbroken

Memorial(məˈmôrēəl) Circle(ˈsərkəl), may the circle be unbroken(ˌənˈbrōkən)


at our best we are connected to each other,
open enough to those outside us,
to let them into us,
to feel their joys and sorrows(ˈsärō),
to learn from them,
to let their lives touch ours,
and make us better,

each life ripples outward,
and who we are moves in response,
as we hope theirs does, too,
to that which pulses(pəls) out from us,

I feel a calling to remember and honor(ˈänər)
those who have gone before,
and whose lives touch me at my best,
helping me to not feel so lonely,
to help me move in ways and directions
that feel more right to me
than what I come up with just by myself,

we should feel ourselves part of communities
that seek us, embrace(əmˈbrās) us,
help us see ourselves as the best
that others can persist(pərˈsist) as seeing in us,

I sorrow when connections break,
and someone is alone,

even when a person has died,
I want to hold to the connection,
and still feel the ripples.