I honor the father

I honor the father


By Henry H. Walker

every child is precious(ˈpreSHəs)
and the rearing(rir) of that child
deserves(dəˈzərv) the finest of instinct, decision, care,

I am in awe(ô) of the mother
within whom the life begins
and who regularly allows the best to be possible,
there should be awe when watching
a young mother swaddle(ˈswädl) the child with love,

I can be in awe of the father
for whom the rearing is more of choice
and the way forward seemingly more pathless,

the father who sees the child,
who knows the child,
who is there for the child,
can help the way open clear
for the precious within the child
to break free of the shells that can hold him and her back,

at the heart of it all, the child makes his and her own way,

now, though, I honor the father,
whose love and effort can support the child
in becoming the best possible person
inherent(inˈhirənt) within what choice and circumstance(ˈsərkəmˌstans) allow.

My sons, you are great fathers!
Thank you for who you are.