Three Practices to Celebrate Your Day

Three Practices(ˈpraktəs) to Celebrate Your Day

By Leo Babauta

What would it be like if today were special?

I’m going to share a few simple practices that will elevate(ˈeləˌvāt) every day into something to celebrate.

Practice 1: Win the Day

Instead of starting the day with a list of tasks to get done … what if we identified 1-3 things that would make this day an absolute victory, if we were to do them?

So the practice is to start the day with a simple entry in your notebook or on a simple text document: what could I do to make this day a victory?

I keep this list front and center, and refer(rəˈfər) back to it multiple times a day. It helps bring me back to what I want to accomplish.

Practice 2: A Brief Review

At the end of each day, it can be powerful to take a brief pause and review how the day went. And celebrate anything you can!

Here’s what I like to review:

How did I do with my Win the Day list? Celebrate any progress at all.
How did I do with my practices for the day? Again, any practice at all is a cause for celebration.
Where did I see the divine(dəˈvīn) today ?

This only has to take a few minutes. Set a reminder. I often will take a few more minutes to set my intentions/Win the Day items for tomorrow.

Practice 3: Ending Ritual(ˈriCH(o͞o)əl) for Tasks

We don’t have to wait for the end of the day to celebrate. We can do it after anything we do.

The practice is a simple ritual: pause when you’re done with something, before you move on to the next thing. And reflect. And celebrate.