By Henry H. Walker

biology(bīˈäləjē) drives procreation(ˌprōkrēˈāSH(ə)n),
yet loving choice and conscious(ˈkän(t)SHəs) effort(ˈefərt)
can drive parenting into an art,
elevate(ˈeləˌvāt) it,
so that we can reach toward providing
what every child deserves,

the mother is primal(ˈprīməl) to the biology and to the parenting,
a bond that regularly deserves awe(ô)
and always deserves respect,

as a father I can feel as apprentice(əˈpren(t)əs) to a master,
yet also I can be a second set of hands,
a different angle(ˈaNGɡəl) to deepen(ˈdēpən) and broaden(ˈbrôdn) the view(vyo͞o),
a different emotionality(əˌmōSHəˈnalədē),

I work hard at being a good father, a good grandfather:
I work to see the child,
the adolescent(ˌadəˈles(ə)nt),
the adult,
to appreciate the being,
to appreciate the becoming,
to know when to hold close,
when to let go,
there is no more important job than parenting,
and being a good father is a calling
we should hear, and follow, as best we can.