What do you hate not doing?

What do you hate not doing?

By Derek Sivers

When we wonder what’s worth doing, we ask ourselves(ou(ə)rˈselvz), “What do I really love?” or “What makes me happy?”

That question never really goes well, does it?

Maybe it’s because there’s a long list of things that make us happy, and we need to narrow it down further(ˈfərT͟Hər). Or maybe because the things with the deepest rewards don’t always provide shallow(ˈSHalō) pleasures along the way.

So try this question instead:

What do you hate not doing?

What makes you feel depressed(dəˈprest), annoyed, or like your life has gone astray(əˈstrā) if you don’t do it enough?

Answers to this double-negative(ˈneɡədiv) question seem to be better indicators of what’s really worth doing.