our grandchildren’s grandchildren

By Henry H. Walker

who we are,
when we are less than our best,
denies(dəˈnī) any limits to our will,

who we are,
when we are at our best,
denies any limits to our will,

our tragedy(ˈtrajədē) is how often
we cannot differentiate(ˌdifəˈren(t)SHēˌāt)
between the two takes on the will,
and we have to face a bill we cannot pay:
over-use of fossil(ˈfäsəl) fuels(ˈfyo͞o(ə)l),
over-indulgence(inˈdəljəns) of our appetite(ˈapəˌtīt)
for calories(ˈkal(ə)rē), for consumption(kənˈsəm(p)SH(ə)n),

we can choose the tribal(ˈtrībəl)
and not quite get how many tribes there are,

still I turn and choose to believe
in the best of Western tradition:
that problems can be solved,
that obstacles(ˈäbstək(ə)l) can be overcome,
that we will not be held back by limits
to our imagination,
to our problem-solving,
to making each moment a gift
to our grandchildren’s grandchildren.